Bob Mendes representing 33 temporarily

Bob Mendes, at-large member of the Metro Council, has been assigned by Vice Mayor David Briley to represent District 33 until an election and possible run-off election are held.

Mendes was elected in 2015 to serve as an At-Large member of the Metro Council. During his campaign, and since, he’s spent significant amounts of time in Antioch and Southeast Nashville.

He may be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 615-756-3533.

Bob Mendes

  • Karen Kelley

    i am against STRP in Antioch for a variety reasons. Mainly, people who bought their homes did not sign up for a revolving door next to their homes and children. When you rent long term or short term you are devaluing your neighbor’s property. Most people want to get to know their neighbors not see different strangers every week or two.