Lee heading to Metro Council

In a tight run-off election, Antoinette Lee defeated Tim Herndon 655-540 votes and will replace Sam Coleman as the District 33 Metro Council Person.

At the end of early voting, Lee led 201-176.

Antoinette Lee

A Special Election was held for District 33 after former council member Sam Coleman was selected by his colleagues to fill the General Sessions judge position, previously held by Casey Moreland.

Special Election candidates included Jack Byrd III, Martez Coleman, Tim Herndon, Antoinette Lee and Michael E. Mayhew. Lee and Herndon – with 39 percent and 38 percent of votes cast, respectively – bested other candidates in the Special Election, but neither received a majority of the votes cast.

As a result, the Metropolitan Charter called for a Runoff Election, which was held today.