State shows ACT improvement; Antioch, Cane Ridge remain below average

The State of Tennessee released ACT scores Tuesday, and while there are gains on the state and district levels, there are areas of concern for Antioch-area schools.

Statewide, there were gains in every section of the ACT.

The state average ACT score for public school students in each subject area was:

  • 19.6 in English, up .1 points
  • 20.5 in reading, up .1 points
  • 19.4 in math, up .2 points; and
  • 20.3 in science, up .2 points.

According to Education Department Commissioner Candice McQueen, Tennessee public school students overall improved the average composite score to 20.1, up from 19.9 the previous year.

Roughly 1,800 more students became eligible for the HOPE scholarship this year, thanks to earning composite scores of 21 or higher.

The two local high schools, Antioch High and Cane Ridge High, scored below state and district averages.

Antioch High School had an average composite score of 17.9, up from 17.7 the previous year. Cane Ridge High School saw a decrease to an average composite score of 17.3, down from 17.6 the previous year, according to state data.

The student’s best ACT scores are what are recorded, so if a student took the ACT more than once, the highest score is used in the state’s tabulations.

All seniors are now required to take the ACT as a requirement for graduation. The most recent were given in local schools to all seniors on October 3. The results of those tests are not yet available, so new initiatives at both schools to improve scores are not reflected in the aforementioned scores.

A score of 21 on the ACT is one of several requirements for the HOPE Scholarship in Tennessee.

Disclosure: Clay Morgan, who wrote this piece and is the publisher of also teaches US Government and Digital Arts and Design at Cane Ridge High School.