to cease publication

In November 2014, was started for one simple reason.

We were watching and reading the news and the narrative about Antioch was not what we were experiencing as we lived our lives in Antioch.

However, after 3 years, the site has proven to not be financially sustainable and we are ceasing publication of effective immediately.

We had good support from the community in the form of 30,000 regular local readers. However, we were unable to capitalize on that strong readership to create a sustainable financial plan.

Morgan Publishing, LLC, which owns, will continue operations exploring other local publishing and news options.

Through Morgan Publishing, we’ll continue to explore sustainable financing options for hyperlocal news publishing. We know advertising support does not sufficiently exist and reader support – promising in some markets – has not panned out in Antioch.

We are confident a model is out there, but it will take more time to find it and fine tune it. are grateful for the readership and friendship, and the support in word, action, and finances we received and look forward to seeing the growth that is coming rapidly to Antioch.