Ad Showcase

Sometimes, we’re asked, what can you do? The proper question is what can’t we do!

Check out some of these options, designed to help your ads stand out from the crowds. Unless otherwise noted below, enhancements and upgrades have a $25 per month surcharge.

In addition to what is listed, we offer pop ups, daily special ads, listing ads, and more.


The Cube Ad
Always popular, it features up to six photos in rotation. Certain to get attention! Due to some HTML requirements, the cube is $50 per month extra.

The Instant Facebook Ad
Talk about simple. This ad will change up to hourly, pulling – once per hour – from you most recent Facebook post. More active on Twitter or Instagram? We can pull from there instead.

Featured Post Promotion
This creates an ad out of a featured Facebook post or boosted post. Tell us the post and we’ll do the rest. Quick and simple.

Real Estate Gallery
This ad is ideal for real estate agents and includes lots of pictures and full contact information. Get a leg up on home sales!

Scratch Off Ad
Check it out. Start “scratching” the ad below with your mouse and see what happens. Gimmicky but it gets attention!

Before & After
This is a great opportunity for contractors, renovation specialists, builders, landscapers, cleaners and others to show before and after shots of their work.

In-Story Ribbon
This is an ad that is placed within a story. There is no up charge for this and the rate is $50 for one story for one week.

Click to Enlarge
You guess it, click on the ad and it enlarges. It’s a great ad to help promote those sales flyers, event flyers, etc.

Coupon Ads
We offer two different ads that resemble coupons. In both styles, when clicking on the ad, users will be taken to a mobile-friendly page to show or print the coupon. First is the basic coupon and it is available for a $10 enhancement fee. Next is the advanced coupon and it is available for the $25 enhancement.

Basic Coupon

Advanced Coupon

The Take Over
You can take over the website – all the white space on each side of the content – and gain a ridiculous amount of branding. Enhancement rates do not apply and this option is $300 per 24-hour period. But the branding capabilities are limitless.

The Sneaker
Sort of sneaks up on you. A new option that slides in from the bottom of the page. No enhancement charge here. The sneaker ad is a flat rate of $75 per week and space is not shared. Check the bottom of the page for how this one works.

The Split Ad

Something new. This ad features a powerful image and when hovered over by a person’s mouse (or finger on mobile), a secondary or reinforcing message appears.

Text Message Ad

How about this for cool. Want to change your ad up? Simply send a text with a photo to a specific number we’ll provide and within 20 minutes, your ad will update!

Interested in taking advantage of any of these great advertising formats? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch quickly!