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Nearly two years ago, we started AntiochTenn.com with an idea.

What we read and saw in area news reports just didn’t jive with the experiences my wife and I have living here in Antioch, so after more than two decades in news and publishing, we launched AntiochTenn.com with the purpose of telling the whole story of Antioch.

At your locally owned and operated AntiochTenn.com, we also hope you enjoy receiving daily reports of the highly localized news we provide. Schools, events, general news, crime, and business are the hallmarks of AntiochTenn.com and the tools we use to tell the whole story of Antioch.

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  3. Support efforts to create community platforms, such as our business directory, calendar of events, and more.

As a locally-owned operation that is bootstrapped, our only investors are local advertisers who make AntiochTenn.com possible, and people like you who support us through your voluntary subscription.

As a growing business that is owned and operated by people who call Antioch home, AntiochTenn.com is part of the economic growth of Antioch and Southeast Nashville.

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If you prefer to subscribe the old-fashioned way, you can send a check to Morgan Publishing, P.O. Box 1444, Antioch, TN 37011. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]